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So, I know what you're thinking, "Tav? what?" So, to quell your curiosity, here's a breakdown of his names and their meanings.

Logan : "Hollow" as in a small town. Not a real profound meaning, but Seth has always liked this name, and it suits our son.
William : the will to defend, protect. A strong-willed warrior. It's a family name on Seth's side, originating with "Wilhelm" from Germany.
Tav : This means "the cross" in ancient Hebrew. It's a letter of the alphabet. Used in the word "Torah", it breaks down to T ("the cross") W ("nail") R ("the highest" or "a man") H ("to reveal") in Hebrew further indicating the Word as the revelation of The Son of God.
The reason Seth wanted this in is because of what our son has come to mean to him. The prospect of children mortified, disenchanted, and devastated Seth. But, he brought his cares, his concerns about it to Christ as any thing else in life. Therefore, the name serves as a reminder of this continual surrender to the Will of God.
Jacobs :

Means son of he who holds the heel. It's a reference to the Jacob of the Bible who came out of the womb holding onto the heel of his brother Esau.

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