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Logan William-Tav Jacobs

7/11/2008 - Time flies when you're busy! Especially with a little baby as active as Logan. He went to the doctor a couple of days ago, and he may have GERD. So, we're trying a few things to see how they work. Poor little thing. He's so tired after throwing up that he was too cranky to play or do much else. I've cut back his feed time some and hold him upright longer, and the results were instantaneous. But otherwise, he weighed a little over 12 lbs and is growing longer and longer each day.

5/20/2008 - Wow, time flies when you're having baby! ;-) As you can see, I've finally been able to update this website! And, we picked a name, the irony of which is, Logan William was the original name. Tav was added in the end. See name meanings for that.
Well, whoever said motherhood was not an adventure probably didn't have kids. Logan was fine at the hospital, and for the first week at home, but then Phoenix hit the high 90's and we were all outside. During this time, he was fighting more and more about eating. Well, he got dehydrated and wouldn't eat from me, so we formula fed him and set an appointment with the doctor. Then, a day into formula, he started throwing up the formula (not spit up). At the doctor's office at 10 days old, he weighed 7 lbs 10 oz! The doctor then concluded what I had a feeling about. Logan is lactose intolerant (runs in my family. I am too, I just acclimate.) So, I had to wait until all milk products were out of my system before he could breastfeed, and in the meantime he was put on soy formula to help him gain weight.
Yesterday, the doctor weighed him in, and in 4 days, he gained 1 lb 7 oz and is now at 9 lb 1 oz. So, that's good news! And he's doing healthy and well now.
More updates soon, and photos galore to come.

5/2/2008- Logan William-Tav Jacobs. Born at 6:17 pm at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix, AZ, weighing 8 lbs 5.5 oz (big baby!) and measuring 20 inches long.

So, the delivery was difficult. I had been having contractions 8 minutes apart since 1:38 am on May 1st, and they finally grew close enough around 4am on the 2nd to go to the hospital. By that afternoon, they broke my water to move along the contractions (they hadn't budged for hours). After the doctor left, they tried sitting me up, but there was more water than they imagined, and I started going into shock: nausea hit me, my vision began tunneling, my hearing faded away, and my limbs started trembling. But, I recovered. Then, the contractions still were not moving along, so I was put on a pytosin drip, and that hurt so bad, I was given a half dosage of an IV drug. It didn't make the pain go away, but it did make me not care, and I slept for an hour (which I hadn't in 48 hours!). So, they're waiting for junior to turn, but it's time. The doctor then realized that the enormous belly I was carrying was literally water and baby, and the baby was huge. Junior was not going to fit. He has mentioned a c-section earlier, but opted for the pytosin drip instead. Now it was too late, junior was turned sideways and stuck in the birth canal, and the only position he would move further out for was me laying flat on my back, the worst position possible for delivery. It's a good thing the doctor numbed me beyond belief before pulling junior out with "the Simpsons" aka forceps. But, there you have it! And there I had Logan! All worth it! :-) 4/19/2008 - As you can no doubt surmise, this website is up for our son, who should be coming into this world any day now. I've procrastinated in making this site only because I haven't had the time. But now that I'm on Maternity leave, I have all the time in the world. :-) Hopefully this is a site he can grow into, at least for awhile, until he's a teenager and too cool for me or whatever...

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